Blooming inspiration

peach blooms

Blooming cuttings of ‘Frost’ peach


When we think of spring blooms, daffodils and tulips immediately come to mind. But for me, fruit trees in bloom are the true signs of spring.

This moment is fleeting and a windy rainstorm can hasten it along, so be sure to quickly take advantage of this opportunity for inspiration.  If you notice buds getting fat and turning color, the timing is ideal.  Look for fruit trees such as apple, pear, peach, plum.  Also the branches of deciduous shrubs like Exbury azaleas.

Snip a few long, whippy branches here and there, and bring them inside.  You can provide a little water but they may not even take it up.  Place into a tall vessel, or arrange on the tabletop as a centerpiece.  In a few days the warmth of your home will coax the buds to open and there are more each day.

Artist inspiration doesn’t come any cheaper or better than this! Enjoy.