Days 28 and 29: Undersea lookalikes

'Sea Nettle' (c) 2014 Joanne Daschel

‘Sea Nettle’ (c) 2014 Joanne Daschel


There are some remarkable other-worldly looking creatures living just off our coastline. Not only do they resemble something more akin to plants than animals, some resemble familiar objects.

Take the Sea Nettle. This jellyfish with its delicate stripes. lit-from-within decorative arms and red tentacles remind me of an old-fashioned hot air balloon, or very fancy Chinese lantern.

Too bad this enchanting creature was named to remind us of its painful stingers than for its beauty.

The Sea Pen, also sadly lacking in a poetic name, resembles the feather quill standing in its sturdy inkwell. Solid in their place, they bend and sway in the current.

At the Oregon Aquarium, a low light casts long shadows from their feathery forms across the sandy bottom, like dancers lit onstage.

For Day 28, ‘Sea Nettle.’

For Day 29, ‘Sea Pens.’

And tomorrow… stay tuned for the final mosaic in my 30 Day challenge!


'Sea Pens' (c) 2014 Joanne Daschel

‘Sea Pens’ (c) 2014 Joanne Daschel