Day 27: Greater than the sum of its parts

Iridescent glass close-up

Iridescent glass close-up



When I visit the Oregon Aquarium some of my favorite exhibits are the anchovy and herring schools.

Dozens of streamlined fish swimming in perfect unison, the light flashing off their mirror-like scales. They are mesmerizing to watch. Sad to think the majority of these nutrient-dense, beautiful fish are harvested for fish meal or pellets used in fish “farming.”

It is a challenge to capture the bright reflection of their bodies, so I thought it was a good time to play around with iridescent glass. It’s not quite shiny enough… but closer than the starkness of mirror glass. I used a variety of warm/cool irids, and some textured, just to see what works.

One of the selections has a finish similar to brushed steel or aluminum, so far my favorite.

For Day 27, ‘Anchovy School.’

'Anchovy School' (c) 2014 Joanne Daschel

‘Anchovy School’ (c) 2014 Joanne Daschel