Days 25 and 26: Near Shore Habitats

'Starfish and Anemone' glass mosaic

‘Starfish and Anemone’ (c) 2014 Joanne Daschel


Continuing the Oregon coast sealife theme, I’m highlighting some of my favorites on days 25 and 26.

Day 25 will be a familiar sight for tidepool-tiptoeing visitors to our central coast. With King Tides bracketing this month of January, it’s been a great season for viewing tidepool inhabitants like the anemones and starfish.  In our town of Lincoln City there is a nice selection to explore when the tide is very low, in particular at the headlands accessed from Roads End State Park.

Another coastal favorite of mine is the charismatic rockfish that inhabits near-shore rocky reefs and kelp beds. The large eyes, showy dorsal fin and expressive mouth is kind of an artist’s dream. Am I the only one who looks at these guys and thinks of “Mr. Limpet?”

Day 26 is ‘Rockfish and Kelp’ honoring a signature coastal species in good habitat.

'Rockfish and Kelp' glass mosaic

‘Rockfish and Kelp’ (c) 2014 Joanne Daschel