Day 24: heading to sea

'Spot Prawns' glass and stone mosaic

‘Spot Prawns’ (c) 2014 Joanne Daschel


HOORAY!  It’s the final 7 days/7 mosaics, and here we go.

I thought in order to finish this challenge it would be fun to create a larger group of images that really say something about this amazing place where I live. If you have ever been to the Oregon coast (lucky you) you know what I mean.

I live about a 10-minute walk from the beach. Right in the middle of Lincoln City, a small town of 8,000 that feels a lot larger with all the amenities we have for visitors (it swells to 40,000 in the height of summer). This is a great community with caring people and stunning nature everywhere you turn.

Our town is wedged between the Pacific Ocean and peaceful Devils Lake, with the Coast Range providing an eastern backdrop. To the north is the Salmon River and Cascade Head, and if that weren’t enough, Siletz Bay to the south. Opportunities to get outside and explore are endless.

There is little question why so many artists settle here. It’s inspiring.

For my final images I’m looking to the sea. Our coastal waters hold a huge diversity of habitat and creatures who live there.  In these final mosaics I have selected some of my favorites to memorialize.

For Day 24, ‘Spot Prawns’ a mosaic of stained glass and stone.