Days 15 and 16: pretty in purple

'Clematis Vine' glass mosaic

I guess we all have our favorite colors, and if you are an artist they begin to emerge whether you like it or not.

As a consequence of my fascination with plants and foliage, green has always been in first place. In this summer blooms series it may become apparent that purple in all forms is a close second. I went through a photo file of the many charming flowers in my yard and garden blooming in summer and thought the collection somewhat random.

However there does seem to be a purple-and-yellow theme, and I have no allegiance to some silly school color scheme. I think it may have to do with the fact of these two opposing each other on the color wheel. They do harmonize nicely, so I find myself drawn to them.

Also… lavender/violet shadows are a favorite. Keep a look out and you will see them reappear frequently in my work. I just can’t help myself. Day 15 produced ‘Calla Lily’ and Day 16 ‘Clematis Vine.’

P.S.:  I’m over halfway done with the challenge and caught up!  Hooray!

'Calla Lily' glass mosaic