First Fruits

Glass mosaic of Royal Ann cherries
Glass mosaic of fig branch

‘Ripening: Fig’

With a few days of balmy clear weather, fruit trees on the Oregon coast are in peak bloom. My peach tree was first (in March!), followed by European and then Asian pears, and now apples are emerging from pink buds to white blossoms. As I write this, the remarkable old cherry trees across the street are beginning their spring show.

The blossoms of fruit trees bring to my mind one word: promise. Besides the obvious fleeting beauty, their flourish in April promises something even better come summertime. Like these spring blossoms, my recent trip to the Society of American Mosaic Artists conference promised greater things to come. I made new friends, saw new (amazing) artwork, and gained new viewpoints on a landscape–Puget Sound– that was once familiar to me.

Spring is all about promise. This sunny week has brought seedlings into the garden, and new artwork is emerging from my hands. I hope to keep learning this craft in the coming years, and bring the promise into fruition.